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Allez Up climbing centre

Montréal, Québec

Photo credits : Vincent Brière


Famille Richer de la Plante

Type of use

Sports centre

Year of construction


Work type

New Building and transformation of former silos


2,1 M$

The Allez-up climbing centre on the banks of the Lachine Canal involved the transformation of the former silos of the Redpath sugar refineries into a unique site, in order to promote the development of the canal’s recreational tourism.

These abandoned industrial silos had enormous potential to be transformed and integrated into the new steel building, by upgrading the old structures and modifying them for new uses. Fans of the sport as well as beginners are now enjoying this unprecedented venue. Climbing options include on the new inner walls of the structure, or outside directly on the silos.

For this project, which is at the heart of the Sud-Ouest revitalization project, NCK provided complete structural engineering consulting services.