Plans and Specifications Preparation

New Structure

Our team of experienced engineers uses their expertise, knowledge and professional judgment for the entire preparation of plans and specifications of multi-storey buildings of all purpose, bridges, as well as airport structures. NCK’s expertise includes reinforced and prestressed concrete, steel, wood, masonry, structural glass and aluminum. Modelers working at NCK set themselves apart by using BIM coordination with 3D models in most projects.

Plans and Specifications Preparation

Structural Transformation and Rehabilitation

NCK prepares plans and specifications for the transformation and structural rehabilitation of existing buildings. From major structural restoration of a heritage building to the removal of a load-bearing wall in a light wood frame residence, our team adapts to a wide range of challenges related to building transformation.

Site Supervision

NCK has a team of engineers and technicians specialized in construction supervision. These on-site services ensure conformity of the completion for our clients, which brings added value to the construction. This monitoring service is closely related to work and schedule monitoring as well as processing of the contractor’s payment claims. On-site change management is also provided by our supervision teams.

Study and Structural Characterization of Existing Buildings

NCK has technical expertise in the evaluation and structural characterization of existing buildings, including heritage buildings. The firm performs required surveys and inspections, resulting structural analysis and formulation of recommendations. Material strength testing may also be required to obtain a building’s structural inventory and working principles.

Legal Expertise

Expert Witness and Second Opinion

NCK’s know-how allows its members to act as external consultants in projects where litigious situations arise, bringing their expertise to contribute to an amicable resolution. Our engineers can also act as expert witnesses before the Court of Québec, the Superior Court of Québec and any other court of law, where issues related to the structure or management of construction projects are debated. NCK can also offer a second opinion in cases where an investigation report has already been produced.

Technical Committees

With the continued objective to participate in the development of the practice of consulting engineering and particularly to influence the evolution of its regulatory framework, NCK has been involved in various technical committees, both nationally and internationally, such as:

  • Technical committee and Commission of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering
  • International Committee of the Joint Committee on Structural Safety
  • Canadian National Committee on Earthquake Engineering
  • Joint Committee on Reinforced Concrete Design for the Canadian Standards Association & National Building Code
  • Committee on Concrete Offshore Structures of the Canadian Standards Association
  • Grand Selection Committee in Civil Engineering for the National Science and Engineering Research Council
  • Strategic Grants Committee of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Research & Advisory Committee of NSERC’s Network of Centers of Excellence on High-performance Concrete.

The firm’s involvement within these committees is motivated by its priority in providing high quality service to its clients, and to this end, always be at the forefront of theoretical knowledge as well as the development of the construction industry.