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Milad Tower

Teheran, Iran

Photo credits : Dara Zarbaf


Municipality of Tehran

Type of use

Telecommunications, restaurants, shops, tourism

Year of construction


Work type

New structure


Height: 435 m

Located in the heart of the Iranian capital, the Milad Tower is the centrepiece of an ambitious complex located in a prestigious area of the city, bringing together commercial, communications and housing structures in one place. It is the tallest tower in Iran and one of the world’s ten tallest free-standing structures. Its elegant design and orthogonal base follow the country’s cultural and religious traditions.

The concrete core was constructed using slipforms and its resistance to the considerable seismic forces of the region results mainly from the arrangement of the reinforcing steel to ensure the ductility of the overall structure.

The tower is capped by a 12-storey structure with a revolving restaurant offering a panoramic view of the city, several floors of observatories, as well as spaces reserved for technical services. In the top floors of the tower, fire-resistant areas were built to serve as a refuge zone. The roof of this structure reaches a height of 315 metres.

A 120-metre-high steel antenna tops the tower, the upper part of which is covered with a polymer shield to protect the transmission equipment.

For this project, NCK was responsible for the design, as well as the supervision of key construction elements.