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National Archives of Canada

Gatineau, Québec


Public Works Canada

Type of use

Conservation of archives

Year of construction


Work type

New buildings


31 000 m²


58 M$

The new National Archives of Canada building is a testament to contemporary technology and architecture. Indeed, the choice of materials, including stainless steel and solid concrete, enabled the creation of a lasting shelter for the National Archives. As such, the building’s lifespan is expected to be a minimum of 200 years.

Built for Public Works Canada, the building has impressive dimensions with a length of 100 metres, a width of 90 metres and a height of 57 metres, with a total surface area of 31,000 m². The core of the building is a huge 4-storey reinforced concrete block. All slabs have been pre-stressed to eliminate cracks. The roof, as well as a long-span glass façade, form an elegant and light envelope around the central core. The façade glazing is supported by arched trusses without diagonals, a very light and transparent structure for large glass surfaces.

For this project, NCK provided complete structural engineering consulting services.