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Station Polytechnique-Alstom

Montréal, Québec


Polytechnique Montréal

Type of use

Wellness space within a university

Year of construction


Next stop, Polytechnique! The Polytechnique-Alstom Station is integrated into the heart of the Lassonde Building of the École Polytechnique de Montréal and showcases a former MR-63 subway car that ran on the green line until 2019. Placed in the atrium, this car is supported above a three-storey opening. The project is a student initiative, and the car is intended to promote wellness and the importance of mental health at the Polytechnique.

The self-supporting structure bearing the weight of the car is made of steel beams that have been specifically designed for this purpose and are anchored to the existing concrete structure. One of the technical challenges was the removal of a large glass window from the pavilion to place the car on a temporary platform before being moved to its final position. Vibration challenges in the floor of the car were also addressed.

For this unique project, NCK provided structural engineering consulting services, including the preparation of plans and estimates, as well as the construction supervision.