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Maison de Radio-Canada

Montréal, Québec

Photo credits : Vincent Brière


Broccolini Construction

Type of use

Building for cultural purposes

Number of floors

2, 5 and 7 (building with three components)

Year of construction


Work type

New building


50 000 m²


250 M$

A key player in the country’s French-language media and digital creation, Radio-Canada has modernized by moving into this 50,000 m² complex at the foot of its former offices in the Radio-Canada tower. The complex is divided into three components; the studios and technical spaces on two floors made of a steel framework, including the main studio with a height of 10 m, and two office buildings of 5 and 7 floors made of concrete. The whole is built over a common concrete basement.

Soundproofing was one of the project’s main challenges. To this end, several structural decoupling joints had to be introduced to avoid the propagation of vibrations. Insulating pads and/or double frames were also used to separate the mechanical rooms and recording studios from the rest of the frame.

Other challenges on this project included the presence of studios on some floors, which required the elimination of a few columns to achieve spans of 18 metres. This was possible by using post-tensioned beams integrated into the slabs to support these large spans.

The two concrete buildings are connected by a wooden roof covering a majestic five-storey atrium and by two steel footbridges with a length of approximately 20 metres. Sliding joints that allow movement have been designed to connect these elements, thus avoiding the transmission of seismic forces.

For this fast-track project, NCK provided complete structural and civil engineering consulting services.