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Tour des Canadiens 3

Montréal, Québec

Photo credits : Vincent Brière


Cadillac Fairview

Type of use


Number of floors


Year of construction


Work type

New building


150 M$

The Tour des Canadiens 3 is the newest and most anticipated part of downtown Montreal’s $2 Billion Quad Windsor neighborhood. With an above-ground connection to the subway and RESO network, TDC3 is just minutes from shopping, dining, and the cultural heart of Montreal.

The design of the project was done in fast-track mode with a very fast construction rate: pouring of a floor every three days. The technical difficulties were to design a structure rigid enough to withstand win loads and minimize the displacement of floors under the effect of the wind while remaining economical without the use of a dynamic damper system. An iteration in the design of the shear walls was done in collaboration with a wind laboratory (wind tunnel study) to develop a structure composed of load-bearing walls and a main core. Significant load transfers had to be made to allow a hall free of columns. The prestressed concrete technique has also been used to limit the dimensions of the transfer beams and obtain better concrete behavior.

For this project, NCK provided complete structural engineering consulting services.